Copper Cocoon Mummies
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Copper Bound Mummy
Age 800 years-old
Status Deceased
Height 165 centimetres
Culture unknown
Date(s) AD 700
Site Salekhard
Current Location
Location Russia's Scientific Centre of Arctic Research.
Catalog #

One adult and one child mummy found in the Siberian arctic at the Zeleny Yar necropolis near Salekhard were uncovered in 2017. The child was around six or seven months old, a second adult body was removed without opening the burial shroud; the bodies were wrapped in cocoons of birch bark and fabric, the adult's cocoon was wrapped from head to toe with copper plates, the child's was covered with small fragments of copper cauldron.


The bodies were encased in birch bark and copper and buried in freezing conditions and were naturally preserved.

As was the case for all mummies found at the site, the bodies of the two mummies were buried in a north-south direction with their feet pointed toward the river. The positioning of the mummies at the burial site is believed to have cultural significance.


The adult cocoon is 170 centimeters long which suggests the person inside was likely around 165 cm tall.

Preliminary dating suggests the individuals were buried around 1,300 years ago.

The unusual burial may point to an unknown ancient culture. Almost 100 mummies have been discovered since the uncovering of the site 20 years ago. Little is known of the civilization but analysis may link the people to Persia.


Cause of death is unknown.


A full analysis of the two mummies will be completed by the Russian Academy of Sciences at the Institute of the Development of the North.

See also Zeleny Yar Mummies and Zeleny Yar Child.

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