Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown
Age 1500 years old
Sex female
Height 7 inches in height
Culture North American
Current Location
Location Wyoming
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"Chiquita" is a mummified infant, probably stillborn or miscarried, dating  to AD 1500, who was discovered in Wyoming. It is believed to have been born with anencephaly. Characteristics of this mummy show that it had blonde hair, and leathery skin. Following testing, the DNA of the mummy showed that it was of First Nations decent.


Chiquita was a curiosity bought from a sheepherder in about 1929. It had been entombed in a cave with its legs tucked under, arms wrapped around it, upright.


George Gill of the University of Wyoming was in touch with the family who were in possession of the mummy and requested permission to do testing. After examining the mummy, he determined evidence the rare birth defect, anencephaly, meaning the baby's brain and skull had not fully developed.


Harry Shapiro of the American Museum of Natural History led a team of anthropologists that later confirmed the mummy did, in fact, have anencephaly. Scientists have also linked the similarities of another mummy called the "Pedro Mountain Mummy". The x-ray's of that mummy have been lost and the mummy itself was stolen in 1950 so scientists were not able to examine it further. The two are, to date, the only such mummies ever found.


Gill is hoping to re-open the research with Chiquita due to ongoing advances in the scientific field regarding DNA testing and sampling.

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