Chiang Ching-kuo
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Chiang Ching-Kuo
Age 77
Sex Male
Status President of the Republic of China
Date(s) April 27 1910 - January 13 1988
Current Location
Location Chu, Taiwan
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Chiang Ching - kuo is the son of former President of the Republic of China Chiang Kai-shek. After his reign as President, Chiang Ching - kuo took charge being appointed president in 1978 until his death in 1988. Both father and son stated in there will that they be buried in there home of Fenghua. Unfortunately, the land of Fenghua, is currently under the control of China, in its mainland thus they cannot be buried. His father whom was a Chinese politician, lost control of mainland China, and was forced to sit as Prudent of Taiwan. After his reign, his son Chiang Ching - kuo took over and remained as Predint of Taiwan. There families believe that until, the mainland of China has been gained over by Taiwan, they cannot bury his body. Chiang Ching - kuo whom was born on April 27 1910, had a wife whom had passed away the same year as him, and five children. Involved in politics all his life due to his father, he has been the Minister without portfolio, minister of national defence, and two terms as the national premier.


Due to Chaing's body remaining still unburied, because of land dispute, China'gs body was embalmed and has been placed for viewing alongside his fathers Cihu, Taiwan. Families agreed that until his burial site is available, they will remain there. Passing away unexpectedly due to a hemmorage and heart failure, Chiang's body was embalmed, thus his remains were preserved. Most likely, his body was removed of fluids, and embalming chemicals were injected into blood vessels, to preserve his body.



Chiang's cause of death was heart failure and a hemmorage. A heart failure is essentially due to the hearts lack of ability to pump the necessary amount of blood throughout the body for it to function. On the other hand a haemorrhage is the release of blood within ones circulatory system. This can be internal bleeding or external bleeding, but essentially, Chaing's body was bleeding so much, that his heart couldn't pump enough blood to maintain the required conditions.

Additional Info

Although both his father and his body are embalmed and paced for viewing, both bodies will be played to rest when the opportunity arise. Unfortunatley, this may take several years to come.

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