Cache of the Priests
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Cache of the Priests
Age varied
Sex both
Status high
Height varied
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 1,000 BC
Site Thebes/Luxor
Current Location
Location Grand Egyptian Museum
Catalog #
In the Asasif necropolis of the ancient town of West Thebes, archaeologists unearthed 30 sealed wooden coffins with mummies inside. Several of the mummies appear to be those of ancient Egyptian priests, hence the name for the group, all of the coffins date to about 3,000 years years ago. The coffins were stacked in two layers and are all from the 22nd dynasty period.


The mummies number 23 adult males, five adult females and two children. The mummies appear well preserved with the outer wrappings still intact. The coffins are intricately painted, the colors still bright.




Excavation is ongoing at the site, in November 2019, the coffins will be moved from Luxor to the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

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