Byrsa Man
Human Mummy
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Biographical Information
Name(s) Arish
Age 19 - 24
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Height 1.70 m
Culture Phoenician
Date(s) 6th Century BC
Current Location
Location National Museum of Carthage
Catalog #


The Tomb of the Young Phoenician man was dicovered by a gardener in 1994. He had been asked to plant a tree at the entarance of the Museum of Carthage.A 4m deep shaft that lead to the tomb was discovered. The tomb "consisted of 2 sarcophagi carved in the sandstone." While the sarcophagus to the right was empty, the left one contained the skeleton of the young man of Byrsa. He was found "lying on his back, his arms bent on his abdomen."


Sevearal items were found at the site ; including 



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