Borremose II
Human Mummy
Borremose II
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown
Age 400 BC
Sex Female
Status N/A
Height 30 cm
Culture N/A
Date(s) 1947
Site Borremose bog
Current Location
Location Borremose, Denmark
Catalog #

This mummy was found in 1947, about a kilometre away from the Borremose Man. The decomposition state of the body made it very difficult to determine the sex of the mummy. The stomach was found naked while the lower body was covered by a cloak made of twill fabric and a shawl.


This mummy was naturally mummified in a peat bog, which is a deposit of dead material.


The person was most likely strangled, and evidenced a broken leg and a crushed skull. The body is thought to be female, although decomposition made it difficult to be sure. The body was lying face down two feet deep on a base of birch bark. In the immediate vicinity were birch branches, directly on the body of three approximately 10 centimeters long birch poles of the same thickness. The skull was fractured and the brain was visible. The upper torso was naked while the lower body was covered by a cloak made of a four layered twill fabric and a fringed shawl. These two articles of clothing are now on display at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen. The skull was crushed and the right leg was broken below the knee. Carbon dating placed the age of the remains to about 400 BC.


A leather cord with an amber bead and bronze plate were around the neck. The bones of an infant and a ceramic jar were lying nearby. Because the body was largely decayed, further forensic analysis was hampered.


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