Bleivik Man
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Bleivik Man
Age 55 to 60
Sex m
Date(s) 6110 - 5890 BC
Site Rogaland, Norway
Current Location
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Bleivik Man is a bog body discovered in Rogaland, Norway in 1952. The body was discovered by a farmer in a drainage ditch approximately 70 centimeters deep.

Also known as 'Bleivik funnet' it was incomplete, and has inspired songs about the body.

A mesolithic bog corpse, which was found about six kilometers north of the town of Haugesund in Norway. There was a well-preserved skull, a thigh bone and an upper arm bone. During a post-excavation by staff at the University of Bergen in June, other bones were found at the site, including a rib, two vertebrae and teeth, as well as fragments of another thigh bone.


Examination of the skull revealed that it was a man about 60 years old. His height was estimated to be a maximum of 160 centimetres on the basis of the long bones. Strongly pronounced muscular attachment marks on the bones suggest a strong physique. The teeth including a left lower canine, a lower left premolar, and a lower right incisor were subjected to examination and confirmed that they can all be attributed to the man whose age was 55 to 60 years.

The cause of death could not be determined on the basis of the body parts available. The layer of earth at the site showed no disturbances, suggesting that the dead man was not buried, but came naturally there and was only gradually covered by sediment. For these reasons, scientists assumed that the man may have drowned in the waters that were still open at the time. Using a pollen analysis from the earth layer carried out in the 1950s, in which the skeletal parts were embedded, the find was dated approximately in a period around 5,000 BC. The dating could later be determined by a C-dating of a sample from the bones to the period around 7,950 x 110 years BP, approximately between 6110 and 5890 BC.

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