Bibliotheca Alexandrina Antiquities Museum, Young Woman
Human Mummy
Young Woman
Biographical Information
Name(s) Young Woman Mummy
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture Ancient Egypt
Date(s) Roman Period
Site El-Bersha
Current Location
Location Bibliotheca Alexandrina Antiqueties Museum
Catalog # Unknown
Five pieces of cartonnage decorate the bandages of this mummy. The first piece forms the mask, where a multicoloured collar is under the two curls of the tripartite wig. The second piece is on the chest, where a cartonnage pectoral is designed with a scarab bettle spreading its wings. On the end of each wing is a falcon head. The third is on the abdomen, where a protector godesss spreads her wings while holding the two feathers of Maat. On the same piece of cartonnage is a mummy lying down below the goddess. On the legs lies a column of hieroglyphics framed within a geometirc decoration . The final piece of cartonnage depicts the shape of the feet on top with the soles of the sandals below.

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