Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Beketaten
Age unknown, although evidence has suggested she died at a young age
Sex Female
Status royalty
Height 1.58 m
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 14th century BCE
Current Location
Location tomb KV35, Egypt
Catalog #

Beketaten is mainly known from the tomb of Huya, the steward of Queen Tiye in Amarna.

Beketaten is shown with Queen Tiye in two separate banquet scenes. Queen Tiye is shown seated opposite Pharaoh Akhenaten and QueenNefertiti. In one scene Beketaten is shown seated on a small chair next to her mother Tiye, and in the other banquet scene Beketaten is shown standing next to Tiye. On the east wall of Huya's tomb Akhenaten is shown leading his mother, Tiye, to a temple. They are accompanied by Beketaten as they enter the temple.

The lintel on the North Wall shows a depiction of the two royal families. On the right side Amenhotep III is shown seated opposite Queen Tiye who is accompanied by the princess Beketaten.

Her name means "Handmaid of Aten." Beketaten's only known title is King's Daughter of his Body.


Her mummy has been lost.


It is likely that she died young since she is not mentioned in the historical records after Queen Tiye's death.Some scholars have speculated that Nebetah, Amenhotep III's youngest daughter, was also Beketaten. No evidence, however, indicates that they are the same person.


Beketaten died at a very young age as she ceased to be mentioned after her fathers death.


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