Baron Von Holz
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Family of Baron Von Holz dressed his mummified remains in calf-leather boots with nailed soles
Biographical Information
Name(s) Baron Von Holz
Age 35
Sex Male
Status Mercenary in the Swedish Army
Height 5'10"
Culture German
Date(s) 18th Century
Site Sommersdorf Castle, Bavaria, Germany - near Ansbach
Current Location
Location Reiss Engelhorn Museum in Mannheim, Germany
Catalog # Unknown
During the Thirty Years' War, von Holz fought in the Swedish army as a mercenary, but he was not granted a hero's death on the battlefield. He was cut down, rather less heroically, at the age of 35 by either the flu or blood poisoning.


Baron was mummified under the Sommerdorf Castle in Bavaria, Germany. There has been much debate about how be was mummified and it has yet to be conclusively determined.It remains unclear as to why aristocratics had their bodies mummified in the first place.


The Baron was buried in the battle uniform which was also preserved.

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