Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nun Baishin
Age NA
Sex Female
Status Mother
Height NA
Culture unknown
Date(s) 1992
Site Joshin Temple
Current Location
Location Japan
Catalog #

Of the many places of burial practices in Japan of the medieval periods, Fukyama Toshio contributed to the finding of this mummy. The reports consist of seeing a mummy in the Joshin'an temple located in Yonezawa that has been buried in 1892 during the digging of the grave.


Baishinni mummy was found next to a small container for holy relic with the name "Nun Baishin" graved in it. Turns out this was the mother of Sato Tosinobu, a close family member of Hidehira.


Studies show that this mummy was one of the first mummies buried in the eighteenth-century.


There have been no specific indication of the cause of death of this mummy.


Hiraizumi: Buddhist Art and Regional Politics in Twelfth-century Japan

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