Auning Women
Human Mummy
Auning Women
Biographical Information
Name(s) Auning Women
Age N/A
Sex Women
Status Beligian
Height N/A
Culture Denmark
Date(s) 2000 years ago
Site Northeastern Jutland Bog
Current Location
Location Museum for Culture and History in Randers, Denmark
Catalog #
The Auning Women was a resident of a rural area within the Central Denmark Region. "Anthropologists believe she was killed likely for a sacrifice to the pagan gods. She was killed...with multiple blows to the head. "("Face of 2000-year-old", 2010).


The Auning Women was found well preserved within a bog in Denmark. "She was found under many sticks, which anthropologist believe is the reason she was so well preserved. The sticks held her underground keeping her away from environmental decay. Wool and skin garments were found around the body during the discovery of the body"(Glob, Barber, Barber, 2004, Pg 80-100).


"In 2010, the Auning mummy's face was reconstructed by medical examiner, Niels Lynnerup and sculptor, Bjorn Skaarup. Using the forensic clay method the recreation was made possible. The face was put on display in the Museum for Culture and History in Randers, Denmark" ("Face of 2000-year-old", 2010).


There was no indication of disease causing the death when she was discovered.

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