Annamaria Beer
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Annamaria Beer
Age 85
Sex female
Culture Hungarian
Date(s) 1820-1905
Site Vác, Hungary
Current Location
Location Vác, Hungary
Catalog # 11, 11.2009.19.11

The mummified remains of 265 people, laid to rest in coffins between 1731 and 1838 in a church at Vác, Hungary, were rediscovered in 1994. Each body was laid to rest in a coffin that was hand painted and then stacked on top of one another. Most of these coffins included names and dates of death, making it an an extraordinary find.

Of the 265 mummified bodies found, only a handful have not yet been identified. This list of identified bodies includes: 3 nuns, 30 priests, the wife and child of the local postmaster, several surgeons, the founder of the Vac hospital, as well as the first director for Vac's school of the deaf.


Crypt mummies are naturally mummified by conditions in the crypt.


A new Tel Aviv University discovery suggests that a genetic mutations have been found to be the cause of colo-rectal cancer in an 18th century mummy found in Vác, Hungary in 1995.

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