Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ankhekhonsu
Sex male
Status priest and granary's scribe
Height unknown
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) XXIII dynasty (900-800 BC), discovered in 1884
Site tebe
Current Location
Location Italy's Civico Museo Archeologico of Bergamo
Catalog #

Ankhekhensu, a priest and granary's scribe of the divine offerings in the temple.

The mummy with his coffin were bought in Egypt by Giovanni Venanzi, and donated to the Archeological museum in 1885.


The sarcophagus, dated to the XXII Dynasty (900-800BC), is anthropoid in shape and consists of a case with a cedar wood lid; a second lid, very similar to the first, was inside resting directly on the mummy. Case and lid are adorned with religious scenes, in which, in addition to the deceased, numerous deities appear. The different scenes are interspersed with inscriptions arranged on vertical columns.

The deceased is identifiable as a priest thanks to the name repeated five times on the crate: Ankhekhonsu, which means "the god Khonsu is alive".

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