Andong Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Andong Mummy
Age 45.4
Sex Male
Status elite
Height 160.2 cm
Culture Joseon Korea
Date(s) 1783±30 CE
Site Andong, Republic of Korea
Current Location
Location Unknown
Catalog # Unknown

The Andong Mummy was discovered in 2013 in a Joseon era tomb in the city of Andong, Republic of Korea.


The Andong Mummy was a Korean man around 45 years old in the Joseon dynasty. A topknot on his head indicates his married status, as bachelors were not permitted to wear it during the time period. 


The mummy was  wrapped in a cloth shroud, wearing straw shoes typical of the time period. Although the method of mummification was not specified, his organs were well preserved.


In 2013, Korean researchers performed a routine CT scan and autopsy on the Andong Man, where his congenital diaphragmatic hernia was discovered.


He had suffered from congenital diaphragmatic hernia until his death around 45 years of age, but he is not believed to have died due to a result of his condition.

His autopsy showed no signs of external injuries, while the right side of his abdominal organs were herniated through the diaphragm and the heart was displaced. There were no signs of cardiac pathology.



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