Anchhor the Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Anchhor
Age approx. 40
Sex male
Status deceased
Height 5'6"
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 675 BC
Site Ancient Thebes
Current Location
Location National Museum of Antiquities, Netherlands
Catalog #


Anchhor was an Egyptian Priest of the God Montu in the ancient city of Thebes 2600 years ago. His father and grandfather were also priests of the God, Montu. He was born around 675 BC and died approximately at the age of 40.


Anchhor is packed in three mummy cases with his name written across each of them. His coffin is covered in writing, explaining his genealogy. On his body he wears many amulets to protect him in the afterlife.


Radiologist, Dr. Wybren Taconis, ran x-rays on Anchhor but found no major abnormalities on the bone to suggest disease or injury. As such, the cause of death is unknown. Unlike most Egyptian mummies, Anchhor's teeth are in good condition and there are no signs of inflammation. Anchhor is known to be a special case as he is found to be in essentially perfect health.

Additional Info

He now lies in the National Museum of Antiquities, Netherlands, among one of the largest mummy collections in the world.

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