Anatal Nigrovits
severely deformed neck of the mummy
severely deformed neck of the mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Anatal Nigrovits
Age Died when 22 years old
Sex Male
Status Mummified
Culture Hungarian
Date(s) 18th Century
Site In a chamber of a Hungarian church
Current Location
Location Vac, Hungary
Catalog # 54

Antal Nigrovits died on the 16th of July 1803, at the age of 22. He lived in Vac, a small town in northern Hungary. He currently rests in the Hungarian National History Museum. He is part of a collection of mummies found in Vac, Hungary, found when restoration of the town's church occurred.


Nigrovits was naturally mummified due to there favorable micro-climate in the sealed crypt he rested in. The mummies were in unique painted coffins and were stacked in order of their size. German, Hungarian and Latin words were transcribed on the coffins, along with elaborate images of flowers, bibles and bones.


A liver and thorax sample were taken from Anatal for inspection and research purposes. Also, doctors were able to trace strains of tuberculosis through the Vac mummies. This discovery led many doctors into conducting research on the ancient bacteria in order to find a potential cure for TB.

The macroscopic examination of Anatal showed a severely deformed neck and back. The body was partially mummified. His back shows extreme deformity and early stage vertebral lesions. The gross morphology suggests a tuberculosis infection.


Antal Nigrovits died on the 16th July 1803, at his age of 22, unmarried buried under the epitaph: “P[erillustris] D[omi-nus] Antonius Nigrovits Caelebs Annorum 22 Obiit 16a Iulii An[n]o1803”.

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