Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Amenrenef
Sex m
Status servent
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 21st Dynasty 1,000BC
Current Location
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Amenrenef was discovered by Spanish archaeologists in Egypt near Luxor near a temple that housed Thutman III tomb as well. Amenrenef is discovered to be a nobleman from the royal household during the ancient times as detected from various intricate designs and symbols of goddesses on its coffin. Amenrenef was discovered south of the excavation site of the Temple of Millions built by Thutmose III in Luxor, in 2016. Behind a wall, inside a tomb, a wooden coffin with a preserved sarcophagus was found. The initial dates were determined to be from the Third Intermediate Period, 1070 BC – 664 BC. Initial analysis of the tomb provided the title for the sarcophagus “Servant of the Kings House, Amenrenef”. The outside coffin was not found in the best condition, however, the sarcophagus contained an almost intact mummy cartonnage that was painted in great detail.


The mummy was found wrapped in linen and plaster then placed in a wooden sarcophagus which has been decorated with special images of goddesses Isis and Nephtys that display their wings alongside the four sons of Horus.


Amenrenef appears to follow regular mummification process as other Egyptian mummies in which the body is embalmed, organs are removed along with other bodily fluids so that the body is preserved.This indicated mummification rituals used to preserve bodies for the afterlife dating as far back as 4500 BC.


The location of the tomb, being in close proximity to King Thutmose III’s temple, may indicate that the mummy was an important man. The inscription stated that he was the servant of a King. The paintings capture not only the face of the mummy but also representations of religious symbols such as Iris and Nephthys and the four sons of Horus.

A brief analysis was done in order to identify the mummy as well as the time period in which he lived, a thorough examination is the next objective


No specific marks or injuries have been found on the mummy to indicate any direct cause for death. The cause of death is still unknown.

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