Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Amenemope, Usermaatre Amenemope
Age est. 50
Sex Male
Status Mummified
Height Unknown
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) unknown - est. 992/984 BC
Current Location
Location Tanis, Egypt
Catalog # Unknown

Amenemope was a Pharaoh which ruled for nine years in the 21st dynasty and followed his assumed father Psusennes I and assumed mother Mutnedjmet into reign. He took the title of "High Priest of Amun in Tanis" during his time as Pharaoh, as his assumed father had. Amenemope is known for continuing the decorating of the chapel of Isis as well as his additions to a temple in Memphis. He had no children or wives to succeed him, and was seemingly succeeded by an unrelated person.


Amenemope was mummified as any other Pharaoh in Egypt at the time.


The skeleton of Amenenmope was analyzed by Dr. Douglas Derry, who concluded that the Pharaoh had a skull infection that manifested into meningitis, leading to his death. It was also assumed that he walked with a limp.


The Pharaoh was originally buried in a single chamber of a smaller than average tomb before being moved to another tomb which supposedly belonged to his mother, and was re-buried beside his father.


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