Amcotts Moor Woman
Amcotts Moor Woman Shoe
Biographical Information
Name(s) Amcotts Moor Woman
Age unknown
Sex female
Status lost
Height unknown
Culture unknown
Date(s) A.D. 200-400
Current Location
Location Lincolnshire, England
Catalog #

The Amcotts Moor Woman was Found in Lincolnshire, England in 1747. Her left shoe still remains but her right hand and shoe are now lost. Found over 250 years ago, there was no knowledge regarding the preservation of bog bodies. Based on the design and material of her left shoe, she is thought to have lived in the late Roman Period in Europe.


She was a bog body which means she was naturally mummified in a peat bog.


Unearthed long before the modern era of scientific inquiry into and preservation of bog bodies, the only remnant of Amcotts Moor Woman is now her left shoe. Her right shoe and hand were sent to the Royal Society in London soon after she was discovered, but like many bog-body finds before the 19th century, they have disappeared without a trace.




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