{{Template:Infobox humanmummy

|image = .jpg

|name =Alyoshenka (Kyshtym Dwarf )

|age =unknown

|sex =unknown

|status =Mummified

|height =25 centimeters

|culture =unknown

|dates =May 1996

|site =village of Kaolinovy, Russia

|location =unknown

|catalogue = unknown}}



believed by many to be a prematurely born female baby with many deformities the remains were lost. Only photos and videos of the corpse survive. Little is known about what happened to the remains, and accounts of Alyoshenka's death and appearance vary greatly.


Bendlin decided initially that this was the mummified remains of a child and took it to Dr Irina Yermolaeva for analysis. She stated that it wasn’t a hoax in that it was a genuine mummified body that was once living tissue.


genetic experts at the Vavilov Institute of General Genetics, of the clothes Alyoshenka was wrapped in revealed no evidence that "he" was extraterrestrial.

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