Altai Mummy
Human Mummy
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Biographical Information
Name(s) unknown
Age unknown
Sex Male
Status unknown
Height 165-175cm
Culture Chinese
Date(s) unknown
Site Shiveet Khairhan remains
Current Location
Location Mongolia, Altai Mountains
Catalog #

Found in a tomb in the Shiveet Khairhan remains of Mongolia's Altai Mountains. The tomb stones dated back around the third to fifth century B.C. and were said to be built by nomads in Mongolia and Russia. The mummy found is a male, Chinese man that was approximately 165-170cm tall.

It is believed that the man could possibly be a merchant who had traveled along the ancient Silk Road trade routes or migrated from China to a region north of the country.


Specific details about its mummification process have not yet been released however, what we do know is that the mummy was found in a tomb with no light to deteriorate the body. The mummy was found wrapped in a Chinese-style robe, with the lower part of the clothes missing, and lying in an upright position.


No other details are known currently, but the mummy's clothes are being transferred to an archaeological research team to find out more about the mummy's genes and eating habits.


The robe that the mummy was wearing originated from an ancient Chinese fashion style called "youren", which means the right part of the robe is under the left part. The opposite style called "zouren" which is the right part of the robe over the left was used by people north of China.

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