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Altai Lady
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Height Unknown
Culture Turkic
Date(s) 6th century AD
Site Mongolian Altai Mountains
Current Location
Location Khovd, Mongolia
Catalog #

The unidentified mummy was found at an elevation of 2,803 meters above sea level in the Mongolian Altai Mountains. The grave, which was roughly 3 meters deep, contained a myriad of artifacts, including bowls, a saddle, different types of wool, various ethnic articles of clothing, and a sacrificed mare. The amalgamation of these artifacts and the location of the grave suggest that the mummy was found in the first complete Turkic burial site in Mongolia. Additionally, it was deduced that the mummy was a female because of the absence of a bow in the tomb.


The body was wrapped in felt, the cold cave temperatures of the burial site contributed to the successful preservation of the mummy.


A team of researchers led by B.Sukhbaatar, of the Khovd Museum in Mongolia, discovered the mummy in April 2016.

Grave goods included a saddle, bridle, clay vase, wooden bowl, trough, iron kettle, the remains of entire horse, and four different 'Dool' (Mongolian clothes), pillows, a sheep's head and felt travel bag

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