Alexander Hamilton
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Alexander Hamilton
Age 84
Sex Male
Status The 10th Duke of Hamilton and The 7th Duke of Brandon
Height Unknown
Culture Scottish
Date(s) 3 October 1767 – 18 August 1852
Site Bent Cemetery in Hamilton
Current Location
Location Bent Cemetery in Hamilton
Catalog #

Alexander Hamilton, also commonly known as "The 10th Duke of Hamilton" and "The 7th Duke of Brandon" was Scottish politician and a collector of art. Hamilton's political career began in 1802 where he began to acheive a number of titles such as the MP for Lancaster, Lord Lieutenant of Lanarkshire, Lord High Steward at both King William IV's coronation and Queen Victoria's coronation, and many more. He later married Susan Euphemia Beckford on April 26th, 1810. He had a very good reputation among people and always dressed in a military themed coat with tights and boots. Even onto old age he was well respected and looked upon for his political standpoints in life.


Alexander Hamilton had a strong interest in Ancient Egyptian mummies, which led to him wanting to be mummified himself. He arranged for Thomas Pettigrew, a mummy expert at the time who intrigued Alexander Hamilton, to mummify him after his death. Details on the process of his mummification were not explicitly stated. But as accordance to his wishes, he was mummified after he passed away and placed in a sarcophagus on his own estate.


Before pursuing his political career, he attended Harrow school and Christ Church, Oxford University to study.


1802: Political career began.

1806: Left House of Commons.

1807: Was Ambassador to the court of St. Petersburg.

1802-1852: Was Lord Lieutenant of Lanarkshire.

1831: Lord High Steward at King William IV's coronation.

1838: Lord High Steward at Queen Victoria's coronation.

1834-1852: Office of Trustee of the British Museum

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