Akhenre Setepenre Siptah
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Akhenre Setepenre Siptah
Age 16
Sex Male
Status Ruler of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt
Height 1.6 metres
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 1187 BC
Site KV47
Current Location
Location Valley of Kings
Catalog #


Siptah was never crowned prince but he succeeded the throne after the death of Seti II. Siptah began ruling Egypt when he was only around ten or eleven years old for nearly 6 years (1193-1187 BC). He died at only 16 years old for apparent reasons of suffering from polio, including a crippled left foot.

Siptah's mother is believed to be Queen Tiaa (the wife of Seti II) however his father is unknown. There are speculations that is may be Amenmesse or Seti II, but it still remains officially unknown.


Siptah was later reburied in Deir el Bahri cache KV35 along with the rest of the pharaohs from the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt.



Additional Info

During Siptah's reign, he did not provide any achievements or monuments for Egypt.

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