Human Mummy
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Biographical Information
Name(s) Ahmose-Hentimehu
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Status Princess
Height 1.52 m
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) Discovered in 1881
Site Luxor
Current Location
Location Cairo Museum
Catalog #

Ahmose-Hentimehu was a princess of the 17th dynasty of ancient Egypt. The remaining hair strands were interwoven with the strands of a wig to cover baldness, and the sides of her head were dyed with henna. The conditions of her teeth demonstrated that she may have had caries and abscess.

The mummy was damaged by thieves. The face suffered the most damage; some parts of the nose and cheeks are gone.


Ahmose-Hentimehu was wrapped in resin-saturated linen. Her body was stuffed with the linen after the removal of her organs.


She was discovered in 1881 and examined by Gaston Maspero in December 1882. Some researchers theorize that she was initially buried with her mother Ahmose Inhapy but was later moved into tomb DB320.


She died at an old age and was almost bald.


The mummy is located in Cairo Museum.

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