Ahhotep II
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ahhotep II
Sex female
Status Queen Consort
Culture Egyptian
Site Thebes
Current Location
Location coffin from Dra'Abu el-Naga'
Catalog #

Her titles included "King's Daughter, King's Wife, King's Mother". Some records suggest that Ahhotep essentially ruled Egypt for a time after Kamose died. However, the official successor was Ahmose I. She was an important figure in the court for many years, but it is unknown when she gave up her role as regent.


Ahhotep was buried in Dra'Abu El-Naga' inside a tomb with both gold and silver jewelry and weapons. Her mummy is said to be destroyed in 1859.


Though there are no medical studies, through the study of inscriptions and language some of the evidence found suggested that she died before year 20 of Ahmose I.

When discovered, the mummy was unwrapped in a search for treasure. Once the gold was taken, the bandages and the body lost. The grave goods found with the mummy included an inscribed ceremonial axe made of gold and a copper and wood electrum decorated with a Minoan-style griffin. The burial contained jewelry as well as a type of medal that was given as a reward to high-ranking Egyptian soldiers, and three golden flies of valor.


Some theories believe that Ahhotep II may be identical to Ahhotep I. Other theories suggest that she is married Sequnenre Tao instead of Kamose.

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