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The Grand Ruler
Biographical Information
Name(s) Agathocles
Age 35
Sex Male
Status Ptolemaic minister
Height 169cm
Culture Egyptian-Greek
Date(s) 203BC
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location North East Egypt
Catalog #

In the third century BC, Agathocles, son of Oenanthe of Egypt and her first husband, Agathocles, was a minister in the court of Ptolemy IV. His sister, Agathoclea, was the Pharaoh's mistress and favorite.

Agathocles served as priest of the Ptolemaic cult of Alexander the Great. On the death of Ptolemy IV in 205 BC, Agathocles and his allies kept it secret. They conspired with the chief minister to claim the regency over the new boy king, Ptolemy V Epiphanes, but fearing that the boy's mother, Arsinoe, would become the regent, they had her murdered.

Appalled at the death of the beloved queen, and apparently the chief minister as well, a mob led by the military governor surrounded the palace and forced their way in. Agathocles was killed by his friends, to avoid the fury of the mob. But his sister, Agathoclea, and their mother, Oenanthe, were apparently dragged out and torn apart. All their relations, including Agathocles' wife and son were also murdered.


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